How can Healthwatch Kensington & Chelsea make a difference? Our priorities for 2022-23

We've been working with our volunteers to put together a set of priorities, focusing on the issues that matter most to you.

Here's a snapshot of what Healthwatch Kensington & Chelsea will be working on over the coming months.

Seldom-heard communities:  Following up with community groups and organisations that have received small grants from Healthwatch Central West London to better understand the needs and experiences of these groups.

Developing a targeted engagement plan based on data and evidence of health inequality in the borough.

Young people's mental health: Following up on the recommendations made by Healthwatch Central West London to ensure that improvements have been made.

Work with commissioners and providers to agree how Healthwatch Kensington & Chelsea can evaluate new initiatives and services.

Translation services: Investigating the experience that different community groups have of using translation services.

Working with the commissioner of primary care translation services to better understand what is provided and where there may be unmet need.

In addition to these priority areas, we will work in partnership with Healthwatch Westminster to address issues that affect patients across the bi-borough:

  • Mental health: Impact of changes to the Gordon Hospital

We are undertaking Enter & View visits to inpatient wards St Charles Hospital to understand whether the service offers culturally appropriate support, that there is parity of therapeutic activity across the wards, and the impact on carers visiting their cared for person. We will also be doing the visits with Healthwatch Brent who will be visiting Park Royal Hospital, with the same objectives. Visits will be in November 2022.

  • Learning Disability

Our host organisation The Advocacy Project wants to ensure we investigate the experiences of people with a learning disability using health and social care services. The Advocacy Project delivers a health equality service with people with learning disabilities in the bi-borough, and so we are working with them to understand which services they have heard are working well and where there are challenges.

Download the priorities as a PDF